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Kratom Payments

Credit & Debit Card Payments

We accept Visa or Mastercard ONLY. Please note that due to certain restrictions and limitations of Kratom, it is imperative that your Shipping and Billing address fields match at the time of checking out. Otherwise, the transaction will be flagged and auto refunded by our risk monitoring system to follow through with compliance guidelines.

Charges on your statement will appear as 99KProducts442031296176

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Check Payments

Some people ask us why we take Check payments. The answer to that question is simple. It helps us keep costs down, which in return allows us to sell kratom at an affordable price.

The process is simple, you just enter all of your billing and shipping info during checkout and select Check Payment (eDebit Direct) for the payment method.

You just enter a check number, routing number, and account number and then click on “Place Order” to process the payment. If you don’t have a check number handy, you can simply use today’s date. For example, if today is July 30, 2019 you can use 073019 as your check number.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a first time buyer, we will hold your shipment until the payment clears, which usually takes about 5 business days. If there is a problem with your payment, we will contact you to resolve the issue prior to shipping your package. Otherwise, your package should ship within 5 business days with no problem at all.

Once you are an established customer, we will gladly ship orders the same day or following business day as long as your order total is not unusually high. If that is the case, we will hold the order until it clears. You would be surprised by how many people try to use a bad check to purchase kratom. We hate that this is how it has to be, but it’s just the way the industry is for now and we still want to provide our customers with great prices on the best kratom we can find!

Money Order Payments

This is by far the slowest method of payment, but it is a good way to pay with the utmost security and privacy. If you do decide to mail a Money Order or Cashier’s Check, you can now submit an order on our website. PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL NOT SHIP YOUR ORDER UNTIL WE RECEIVE YOUR PAYMENT.

Digital Bank Payments

This is an easy way to send money to anyone with a bank account. If you do not have a bank account, you will not be able to use this payment method.


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